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Farm Merge Valley

(55,846 votes)
August 2023
Last Updated:
June 2024
Browser (desktop, mobile, tablet)

Farm Merge Valley is a casual farming game where you merge various animals and objects to upgrade them. Grow crops and add animals to your farm while expanding to exciting new lands. Discover the peaceful farm life you always dreamed of while reaping the rewards from various challenges.

How to Play

Merge to grow your farm

Build the perfect farm life for your friendly neighbors and animals. Start by merging crops to reach new types of things to grow. You can create various animals, crops, and materials to produce goods and repair buildings.

Level up your experience

Keep merging to gain experience points and increase your level. You will unlock new items and rewards that help you progress in the game when you level up. Leveling up brings more game features to enjoy and areas that help expand your farm.

Fulfil orders to earn money

When your animals produce output, you can use the product to manufacture goods to sell for money. You can use your currency to purchase new areas of land and grow your farm to new heights. You'll find new buildings to renovate and expand your production to new heights that deliver greater monetary rewards.

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  • Merge crops and animals to create more valuable items
  • Complete various tasks and reap the rewards from your labor
  • Expand to new lands as you progress
  • Build a beautiful self-sustaining farm life

Release Date

November 2022


Web browser (desktop and mobile)

Last Updated

Jun 17, 2024


Press and hold the left mouse button to pick up and move objects on the grid.


How can I make money more quickly in Farm Merge Valley?

The best way is to save your coins so you can merge them. Try to reach the golden star coin to get a big payout.

What are the toolboxes for in Farm Merge Valley?

They provide one component required to renovate a new area of production.

Gameplay Video