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Beauty Games

Beauty games are about all things beautiful, from style to substance. Make your favorite characters look pretty, or cook beautiful and delicious meals! Browse all the free beauty games below.

Beauty Games for Girls and Boys

Makeup Games

Makeup games inspire your creative side. Coat your favorite celebrities and characters with glamorous makeup designs. Why not engage in a Summer Fashion Makeover, or give your character a Funny Haircut?

Fashion and Dress-up Games

Got a flair for fashion? Express your colorful and creative nature in a range of fashion games. Dress up Disney Princess Elsa in fashionable attire, or get ready to show off the latest fashion trends in Fashion Challenge: Catwalk Run.

Cooking Games

Beauty can be anywhere, especially in delicious meals that look and taste stunning. Cooking games encompass all the things a foodie loves, from baking cakes and waffles to running your own diner. Learn new recipes and make delicious desserts in Yummy Waffles Ice Cream.

More Beauty Games

Beauty can take many forms in nature and in people. You can groom kittens in Kitty Cats. Nurture new life into the world in baby games by ensuring your babies are well looked after and loved!

With all the beautiful things comes a range of beauty games to suit everyone. All of our games use HTML5, and they are all available to play in your web browser instantly, for free.


What are the most popular Beauty Games?

  1. New Year Makeup Trends
  2. BFFs K-Pop Fangirls
  3. Highschool Mean Girls 3
  4. Graduation Makeup Trends
  5. Valentine's Day Couple Date
  6. Wendy Soft Girl Makeup
  7. Makeup Trends: Then and Now
  8. Monsterella Fantasy Makeup
  9. BFFs Luxury Loungewear
  10. Festival Vibes Makeup

What are the best Beauty Games to play on mobile phones and tablets?

  1. Highschool Mean Girls 3
  2. New Year Makeup Trends
  3. Graduation Makeup Trends
  4. BFFs K-Pop Fangirls
  5. Pride Rainbow Fashion

What are Beauty Games?

Beauty games cover a range of fun lifestyle games for girls and boys. Express your creativity and personality in a variety of makeup, dress-up, crafts, and cooking games. Many beauty games feature Disney characters like Elsa, glamorous celebrities, and famous babies like Baby Hazel.

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